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Welcome to Fitter Stronger Faster

Providing unique classes and training in all aspects of fitness including Mixed Martial Arts, White Collar Boxing, Powerlifting, Strength & Conditioning.

About Fitter Stronger Faster

About the club and what we offer to our members.

FSF Ladies Programme

This programme is the result of a lifetimes worth of work seeking out the answer to how we can help size 16+ women get their life back on track and feel super good about themselves.

If you are interested in getting involved, please give us a call or click the button below and we would be happy to answer any questions you have, or provide you with all the information you need.

Adults Mixed Martial Arts

Our adult MMA program starts from 14 years old.

MMA is a great way to get fit [at the highest level mma athletes are arguably the fittest in the world] and learn how to defend yourself as all of what you learn is practical in real world situations. If you are interested in getting involved, please give us a call or click the button below and we would be happy to answer any questions you have, or provide you with all the information you need.

Juniors Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts builds happy, confident & disciplined kids!

We run Junior and Mini classes for 7-14 year olds. In the Mini sissions, the children are taught the fundamentals of MMA [how to stand/basic strikes/how to fall safely/how to getup safely/basic takedowns and defences and basic submissions and defences] as well as respect for each other and their coach discipline and fitness. All of the above is then taken to the next level in the Junior sessions. For instance strikes / takedowns / submissions are combined teaching children how to transition from one to other seamlessly resulting in a complete mixed martial artist, the fitness aspect is increased and a higher emphasis on competition is placed so children regularly spar in a controlled environment. Just think how SHOCKED you will be by the improved health, focus and behaviour of your child that our classes give them!

Meet FSF Owner Dominic Plumb

I’m a former champion cage fighter, mixed martial arts expert, Personal Trainer and devoted husband to my wife Niki, and father to my 3 boys.

I’m the owner of Fitter, Stronger, Faster Gym – a studio where every evening and weekends we teach adults and juniors the sport of mixed martial arts. By day, we EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY train groups of women to rediscover the things that they thought had gone forever. Basically we help them regain their youthful shape and much more importantly, their self confidence. If you are interested in any of our programmes, please contact me using the button below and I’ll be happy to give you all the information you need.

FSF Boxing

At FSF our boxing classes cater for beginners to full time fighters, taught by experienced coaches this class has everything you need from a boxing class heavy emphasis on technique good no ego sparring sessions and a big amount of conditioning, this class is guaranteed to leave you feeling tired but exhilarated.

As with all over our martial arts classes this is a mixed group of woman and men, We are currently running a 10 WEEK TO THE RING challenge, this is a charity event to raise money for Oaks Academy Primary school a local school that some of the children from our club attend and some of the parents used to attend. everyone that is fighting on the event are beginners and are people that wanted a new challenge and raise money for a good cause.

FSF Thai Boxing

Thai boxing takes your fitness to a whole new level!

You will learn punching/kicking/knee and elbow techniques that will get your heart pounding shred fat and build confidence in a safe and fun environment. At FSF we incorporate a system that can be learned on the Thai pads then transferred to partner drills then to sparring and eventually to fighting, this way the participant has the fundamentals ingrained into them and can be carried through from then on with their own twist put on it. Some of the members are currently taking part in the 10 WEEKS TO THE RING challenge, they are competing in either boxing or K1 [similar to thaiboxing with a few techniques taken out] They are training 3-5 times aweek in their chosen discipline and will showcase their skills infront of friends and family on a charity fightnight event raising money for the local school.

What Our Members Think

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say.

Dom is one of a kind! King of Martial arts! This gym is a MUST, if you’re outside of London like we are then head over on a Saturday! You’ll love it.

Mita Davda Panchal

Best gym about brilliant value for money! Well friendly.

Stuart Lane

I’ve never done Thai boxing before and after my first class here I’m super excited to try more! Dom is full of knowledge and an excellent coach. Would definitely recommend.

Kayleigh Anderson

Our Timetable

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